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Koji Mold World
Amazing Koji Mold World by Misa Ono
Misa Ono, Cooking expert and Illustrator introduces "koji", steamed grains that are used to make Japanese condiments like miso and soy sauc, and sake. Koji also plays amazing role alone to make food tasty. Misa also introduces Japanese food culture, history and various recipes using koji!
Dashi AtoZ
Dashi AtoZ by Yumiko Ishimaru
Do you know about dashi? Dashi is the Japanese word for broth, and it is also an “Umami” extracted from natural materials. Yumiko, certified Dashi Sommelier in Japan introduces all about dashi in this column.
Tamaki's column
Cooking the Japanese food outside Japan by Tamaki Kashiwagi
You, the non-Japanese, might think it’s hard to cook Japanese food at home because you cannot get necessary ingredients overseas, right? Not so fast. I am a Japanese wife living in Lima, Peru, and we, the Japanese expats, manage to cook the Japanese food daily, using ingredients from local markets. In this column, I will show you our daily cooking to help you cook the Japanese food while outside Japan.
Sake Stories by Tamaki Kashiwagi
Tamaki Kashiwagi introduces the history, stories, and enjoyment of sake.