08: Temarizushi

Writer: Tamaki Kashiwagi

The Japanese do not make Sushi at home!?

In my previous column, I wrote that a typical Japanese food, “Sushi”, is “feasts” for Japanese, and we eat it on special occasions only. In particular, one of typical Sushi, “Nigirizushi”, is so difficult to make that we rarely make it at home. We go to a restaurant when we eat it. You might think “What?  It’s a simple food!!  It’s just an oval-shaped-Sushi rice topped with seafood!!”  No,no!! To make Nigirizushi you need special techniques!   First of all it is hard to make rice to oval shape. And it’s also hard to make rice ball firm enough picking up with chopsticks or fingers, soft enough falling apart in your mouth, when you eat it.

But, actually Sushi has many variations, there are also Sushi that we make at home. For example, “Chirashizushi”, I previously introduced in this column, is a bowl (or a plate) of Sushi rice topped with fish and vegetables. That’s it!  You don’t need special techniques. We make it at home party. Because Sushi is always “feasts” for us, the Japanese, so we want to show the feeling of “Welcome!” to guests by making it.

Temarizushi is also recommended at home party!
We also make “Temarizushi” at home party. This is a small ball-shaped Sushi rice topped with fish or vegetable (“Temari” means small ball). The recipe is very simple. Just put a topping on a wrap film first, then put bite-sized rice. And mold topping and sushi rice over the wrap film with your hands.

It is easier to make ball-shape rice than oval one. Wrap film is very convenient because it prevent from our hands get sticky. When you go to a picnic, you’d better to have Temarizushi with wrap films.



Steamed rice 300g
Vinegar 50ml
Sugar 20g
Salt  3g

Raw salmon or smoked salmon 100g
Nori 1 small sheet
Avocado 1/2
Steamed shrimp To taste
Or any toppings to your taste!!
Wasabi To taste
Soy sauce To taste


This time I tried to decorate them for Halloween party. In recent years, we, the Japanese, became to enjoy Halloween events. Have a happy Halloween week!!