Writer: Tamaki Kashiwagi


Previously in this column I introduced the trivia that almost all of Sake brewers “Kurabito” are good singers. Because long time ago, we had no clocks, so Kurabito sang songs to measure the length and timing of process of Sake brewing, instead of using clock. In this time I write about another trivia about Kurabito. It is “the hands of Kurabito are all white”!!  I have to add some more commentary to make you understand that this is miracle. Kurabito is not a permanent job. They are temporary staff gathered when it comes the Sake brewing season after rice harvest. Basically they are farmers and they work under the sun. So it is natural that their faces or hands are sunburned. However, their hands are white!!


Japanese cosmetic brands came to focus on that paradox. They started research on Koji, which is cultured with the Koji-mold covered with rice, under the hypothesis that it is because Kurabito touch Koji. And it turned out that Koji-acid, which is produced when Koji-mold ferment, has a function of suppressing melanin pigment. Yes, it is causes of spots and freckles. Currently many cosmetic brands have released products containing Koji-acid. Some  women made original lotion to use sake by themselves.


Some Japanese women have a hot tub in the bathtub put cups of Sake (we, the japanese, like taking a bath!!). I saw some articles on magazine that famous actresses often take a bath put Sake. It is said that some ingredients of Sake lead to blood circulation promotion and  make body warm well. It is also said that it makes pores open and waste products of body get out.


Of course, drinking Sake is also good for your skin. Sake contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is said that Sake contains 10 ~ 20 times of amino acids compared to wine. In particular, Sake contains a lot of Adenosine sake compared to another alcoholic drinks, which seems to prevent with the contraction of blood vessels. In other words, drinking Sake makes blood circulation very active, and helps our skins turn over. But you shouldn’t drink too much for your lever.


You may feel what a waste to put Sake in a bathtub or on your skin, because the price of sake is high outside of Japan. But I would be happy if you understand the mysterious power of Sake.