【5-Minute Appetizer】
Chicory Canapés of Stilton Cheese and Miso

Miso, cheese and yogurt is all fermented food and amazingly go well together. These canapes are used with a healthy vegetable, chicory instead of some bread or crackers. Not only the good looking but the combination covers the bitterness of chicory. It is good with white, rose and light red wine!

Chicory Canapés of Stilton Cheese and Miso1_©Cupido




・10 leaves chicory

・20 g blue cheese(Stilton, Gorgonzola, etc.)
・1 tbsp yogurt
・1 tsp miso
・1 tsp honey
・30 g walnuts
・some black pepper

・some pink pepper



1. Put the blue cheese at a room temperature in a small bowl and stir in yogurt, honey, miso, and pepper. Then add the walnuts divided into four by hand and mix it.
2. Put the 1 onto the chicory leaves and sprinkle some pink pepper.