【5-Minute Appetizer】Hiya-Yakko (Chilled Tofu)

This is the most popular way to enjoy tofu! It’s easy and simple. Tofu itself can be fully enjoyed in this way. Therefore, I recommend you to get Japanese tofu and soy sauce of good quality if possible. Ii is good with beer, shochu, or sake in warm season.

Hiya-Yakko (Chilled Tofu)_©Cupido




・1 piece (350-400 g) tofu
・2 tbsp soy sauce

・2 tbsp bonito flake
・5 g ginger (grated)
・2 tbsp spring onion (chopped)



1. Drain the water of the tofu and cut into four pieces (Two pieces per person) .
2. Dress with the condiments. Sprinkle the soy sauce just before serving.