【5-Minute Appetizer】
Omelette of Mentaiko, Spicy Cod Roe

Mentaiko is spicy cod roe marinated in chili sauce. The spicy and rich flavour wrapped with fluffy omelette stimulate your appetite. It surely goes well with beer, shochu, and sake!Omelette of Mentaiko Spicy Cod Roe 1_©Cupido





<Egg mixture>
・2 eggs
・1 tsp soy sauce
・2 tbsp milk
・1 pinch of salt
・1 stalk dill (roughly chopped )

・1 tbsp olive oil
・1/2 piece (15 g) mentaiko (spicy cod roe)


Mentaiko, spicy cod roe



1. To make the egg mixture, crack the eggs into a bowl and mix gently with chopsticks or a whisk not to make bubbles. When the egg white and yolk are mixed completely, add the soy sauce, milk, salt and dill.
2. Spread the olive oil in a omelette pan and add the egg mixture to make omelette over a medium heat. Wrap the spicy cod roe with the omelette.

Omelette of Mentaiko Spicy Cod Roe2_©Cupido