【5-Minute Appetizer】
Tuna Carpaccio Marinated in Red Wine and Soy Sauce

In Japan, marinated tuna in soy sauce, called “Zuke-maguro”, is a ingredient of sushi. Originally it was marinated for preserving in ancient times. Now We can keep tuna freshly in a fridge, however, it is still so popular because the tuna meat absorbing some soy sauce is quite tasty! It is different from the one dipping in soy sauce. Inspired by it, I created this recipe in a carpaccio style with red wine. It goes well with any wines, of course, the red wine you used in this dish is the best combination!

Tuna Carpaccio Marinated in Red Wine Soy Sauce_©Cupido




・150 g red meat of tuna (sliced to 0.5 mm)
・2 tbsp soy sauce
・2 tbsp red wine

・1 1/2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
・some pepper
・some dill



1. Put the soy sauce and red wine in a container and marinate the tuna in it for 4 minutes. Turn them down once or twice.

Tuna Carpaccio Marinated in Red Wine Soy Sauce 2_©Cupido
2. Transfer the tuna on a plate and sprinkle the extra virgin olive oil, some pepper and dill.