Amazing Koji Mold World: 17
Marinating Fish and Shellfishes in Shio-Koji

Written and illustrated by Misa Ono

As for sashimi in Japan, soy sauce and wasabi which is Japanese horseradish are normally accompanied. Meanwhile, sashimi dressed with salt and extra virgin olive oil is also good with wine. That’s OK, but I recommend you to put shio-koji instead of salt! I guess that you are surprised at the amazing taste. Furthermore, a bit of wasabi should be together. It goes well with both wine and Japanese sake. You can try the seasoning of shio-koji and olive oil with white-fleshed fish and lean fish as well as squid and octopus. I was having another help of sake with joy when I discovered the superb taste of shio-koji and olive oil seasoning. Can you imagine?


As well as meat, grilled fish marinated in shio-koji is really flavoursome! One tip I’ll tell you is that it’s better to rinse the shio-koji around the marinated fish because it’s easy to burn. And then, shio-koji removes the fishiness away and it keeps the tastiness even when it gets cold. Also, I recommend squid to try with shio-koji. After removing its guts and bones, you can marinate the squid in shio-koji and grill it. The squid meat can be soften and aromatic. Try it with a glass of beer!


Fish marinated in shio-koji can be simmered with sake, sugar (or mirin, Japanese sweet sake) is also good. The fish meat becomes tender without worry of burning. Thus, when you use shio-koji into any ingredients, it can be grilled or simmered to be excellent. The best friend of the shio-koji-marinated dish is sake which is made from koji and rice. It is quite natural because they are made from the same koji.


Japanese people love not only sashimi but sushi. Sashimi marinated in shio-koji is tasty and good with sushi rice. If it’s served immediately when making sushi which is sashimi on sushi rice, no problem. However, I have to tell you that enzyme contained in koji breaks down and liquefies the starch of rice so that sushi rice under sashimi becomes watery after a while. Koji can be naughty at times.