Amazing Koji Mold World: 25
Miso Soup With Hand-Made Miso

Written and illustrated by Misa Ono

People used to make their own miso, but nowadays most people buy miso. It is sad losing the tradition of home-made miso.  However, some of health-conscious people recently have started to make miso by themselves. The reason is simple, because it is good for your health. Miso made of soybeans, rice/barely koji and salt has a lot of benefits to your health. Miso soup doesn’t only make you warm but also removes harmful elements such as cigarette, alcohol and other chemicals from your body. It also improves your intestinal environment. By adding vegetable, tofu, seaweed, mushrooms, meat, fish… anything can go into miso soup to make it full of nutrients. More importantly, it is delicious. It is one of the best health-beneficial food that is out there. It may be hard to find koji overseas, but if you can, why don’t you try making your own miso?

no.25_Miso-soup-with-hand-made-misoSoak soybeans in the water over night and boil them until it can be mashed. Using a pressure cooker will be easier and faster for this process. Separate the soup and beans, mash the beans with the food processor or masher, or mash them with hands or a roller in the plastic bag. Mix koji and salt well. When the soybeans cools down to 60 degrees, add the koji and salt and mix it well. Add the soup to make the beans as soft as an earlobe and make miso balls removing the air inside.

Squash the miso balls into the sterilized container and straighten the surface. Brush high alcoholic spirits like vodka on the surface and seal it tightly with plastic wrap. Place something heavy on top and leave it for a few months.

How does it sound? Too much work? But this takes only a day to make a miso and you can enjoy the healthy delicious hand-made miso for a year! I schedule one day as a miso-making day. After I finish making miso, the feeling of “I can live healthily with delicious miso for another year” is awesome! Choose a cold day to make miso as it has less risk of growing bacteria.

The miso can be a solution to my hangover !?