Amazing Koji Mold World: 29
How To Drink Amazake

Written and illustrated by Misa Ono


Home-made amazake is very sweet. It is too sweet to drink by itself, so people usually heat it after, add some water, and mix with grated ginger. Ginger and amazake will definitely warm you up. To make some changes, you can also mix amazake and yogurt. That’s what I do in the morning recently. The substances in amazake are apparently same as an intravenous drip.  So drinking amazake in the morning boost your brain power, and lactobacillus in yogurt improves the immune system. Great for your body, besides, it’s yum ♡

no.29How-to-drink-amazakeInstead of yogurt, you can add soy milk. Soya has a number of positive effects on your skin, which is essential for women’s beauty! Milk is another alternative. You can drink it either cold or hot. It would be great to have hot amazake milk in the freezing winter!

Tomato juice has an antiaging effect on the skin. What do you think would happen if you mix amazake with this tomato juice? The sweetness of amazake nicely eases the sourness of tomato juice, producing a fruit tomato like taste.

Do you normally add sugar to coffee or tea? Try amazake instead.  I personally like tea with amazake and pouring soymilk or milk into it.

Amazake can go well with a lot of different kinds of ingredients but of course amazake itself tastes good too! It would be a good idea to drink a small amount of amazake every day for your health. You can also make a jelly with amazake and whatever you like to mix. Amazake jam is also good on bread. They can be nice healthy snacks for your kids!

Japanese people generally like the salty-sweet taste and amazake can replace sugar to produce the taste. Simmered pumpkins, potatoes or fish with soy sauce and amazake makes a great dish for dinner. Amazake is not only sweet but has many kinds of tastes including umami of amino acids that dissolve rice protein. This is why the dishes cooked with amazake bring a rich flavor. For vegetable or meat stew, only amazake and salt are great enough to season it with. If you want something other taste, amazake and oyster sauce will do. For light taste, choose vinegar to mix with amazake. Whole grain mustard also goes well with amazake, to my surprise. Add a pinch of salt if you wish. It is delicious to mix it with boiled asparagus and meat.

Amazake is not only a drink but also a super seasoning! Create your own favorite amazake dish!