The Amazing Way to “EAT” Japanese Tea

Keiko_OnoderaWelcome to our Japanese Tea world! Have you ever tried Japanese tea?

When I tried bottled green tea of some countries in Asia, I was surprised at their sugar-contained green tea. I felt even angry a bit because we never put sugar into our green tea as same as Chinese tea!

However, I dispelled stereotyped ideas and realized Japanese tea has lots of potential to use in cooking, dessert, even eating tea leaves themselves which contain high nutrition. Japanese matcha and green tea have sensitive and flagrant aromas as well as umami flavour and pleasant bitterness. One thing I have to tell you is that aromas of Japanese tea would varnish if they heated completely or put together with ingredients which have strong flavour. So, I made these recipes which don’t heat up too much or use remaining-heat method to make the best use of matcha and green tea in high quality manufactured by Hoshino-seichaen Co., Ltd..

Before that, I’ll give you one of the most important tips to drink green tea. When you put hot water, it should be lower temperature (around 60-80°C depending on your tea) than others like black tea. Otherwise too hot water doesn’t extract umami and gives just tangent bitterness.