SUSHI GUIDE: Anago – Japanese Conger

What Is Anago?

“Anago (穴子: Japanese conger) is quite popular and essential for Edomae-sushi. Anago cannot be eaten raw. To eat as sushi, it is simmered with soy sauce based seasonings and put onto a piece of vinegared rice. So, the chef’s skill is evident in the process of simmering properly, after the anago meat is cut.


When, And Where To Eat ?

As it is generally said to be good with its simple taste, anago is in season between June and August because of less fat. However, if you like rich one, it is also good between October and November. It is caught throughout Japan such as Tokyo Bay, Sendai Bay (Miyagi), Mikawa Bay (Aichi), Osaka Bay, Hiroshima Bay, Kyusyu Area and so on except Hokkaido.  And anago is so popular that it is available at the most of sushi restaurant in Japan.

The Taste And The Attraction As a Sushi Topping

Anago contains rich vitamin-A and protein. And as it has less fat than conger eel which looks similar to it, the taste is simple and refined. When fresh live anago is cut and simmered, the while meat will be soft and tastes wonderful. The meat will melt in your mouth and you can enjoy the full of umami and its savory smell of a burned surface’


How To Eat Besides Sushi

It can be enjoyed as tempura, simmered dish, shirayaki (simply grilled with salt), anakyu (maki-sushi of cucumber and anago together).


Grilled Anago