Mentaiko Mayonnaise Bagle_©Cupido

Mentaiko Mayonnaise Bagel

Combination of Mentaiko, spicy cod row and Mayonnaise is not originally traditional garniture of onigiri (rice bowl), however, it is now quite popular. You must... Read More »
Red Bean Curd Bagel _©Cupido

Red Bean Jam Bagel

I guess you already know some bagel filling, however I'll show you Japanese-style sweet bagel. I'm sure Combination of Red bead jam and cream cheese impresses y... Read More »
Miso Dressing2_©Cupido

Miso Dressing

Cook & Photograph by Keiko Onodera   SERVES:2-3   INGREDIENTS ・2 tbsp. apple vinegar ・1 tsp. honey ・2 tsp. miso ・1 t... Read More »
Red Kidney Beans and Rice_©Cupido

Red Kidney Beans Rice

SERVES:4   INGREDIENTS ・200 g white rice (uncooked, rinsed) ・1/2 onion (chopped) ・1 clove garlic (chopped) ・1/2 can red kidney bean... Read More »