Keiko Onodera

Miso Tzatziki Sauce 2_©Cupido

Miso Tzatziki Sauce

Miso matches with yogurt well! If you cannot get Greek yogurt (thicker than normal yogurt), also can use normal one. In that case, you need to drain yogurt or a... Read More »
Yuzu-Kosho Dressing 2_©Cupido

Yuzu-Kosho Dressing

Yuzu-kosho is made of chili and yuzu (citrus). It has very hot taste and smells refreshing. "kosho"means "pepper corn" in Japanese. But yuzu-kosho never contain... Read More »

Haccho-Miso Dip

Haccho-Miso is a kind of miso looks dark-brown colour. It is made of only soy beans and process is different from normal brown miso. You can use Haccho-miso sau... Read More »
Wasabi and Miso Dip 2_©Cupido

Wasabi and Miso Dip

Wasabi is a kind of plants and it can grow around quite clean water. The taste is pungent and the smell is nice and refreshing. You can use wasabi as a accent t... Read More »