Keiko Onodera

Pacific Saury Salad_©Cupido

Pacific Saury Salad

This Sanma-Mizumi from Kinoya Ishinomaki Suisan Inc. is cooked in only water and salt. Even so, it contains amazing umami-flavour in itself because they use fis... Read More »
Pacific saury Dip_©Cupido

Pacific Saury Dip

This canned Sanma-Ajituke has soy sauce and sweet flavour. So they match well with blue cheese. I use my favorite Stilton in here. I recommend you to put a lot ... Read More »
Mackerel Ajillo_©Cupido

Mackerel Ajillo

In case you don’t have a ajillo pan, no worries! You can use a small frying pan instead. If you want to add another ingredients such as potatoes or mushrooms,... Read More »