Bagna Miso Càuda

You don’t have the special Bagna cauda pot? No problem! Is the process of cooking garlic twice in milk troublesome? I definitely recommend you to do it! It gives the sauce mild taste and match with miso. That’s the most important part to make the superb Bagna miso cauda!

Bagna Miso Cauda_©Cupido



・ 4 radish
・ 1/3 carrot (batoned)
・ 1/2 cucumber (batoned)
・ 1/4 celery (batoned)
・ 1/4 red pepper (batoned)
・ 60 g pumpkin (sliced)
・ other vegetables you like

< Bagna miso càuda >
・ milk to cover the garlic
・ 4 cloves garlic (decored)
・ 60 ml extra virgin olive oil
・ 2 tbsp. miso
・ 40 g walnuts
・ 2 tbsp. cream


1. Rinse and cut all vegetables. In case those ones cannot eat raw like pumpkin, need to blanch them.
2. To make Bagna miso càuda, cook the garlic in milk and drain twice to remove the harsh taste.
3. Put the garlic, walnuts, miso and olive oil into a blender until smooth, add cream and combine them. Don’t blend too much after adding cream, otherwise separating.
4. Serve the Bagna miso càuda.