Bruschetta with Pacific Saury and Black Olive

This canned Sanma-Ajitsuke is cooked in sweet soy sauce. When you add some pungent taste such as wasabi or Japanese mustard, the taste harmonize well. Pink pepper gives refreshing aroma!

Bruschetta with Pacific saury and Black Olive_©Cupido



・60 g Sanma-Ajitsuke (chopped) (cooked Pacific saury in soy sauce by KESENNUMA HOTEI Co., Ltd.)
・10 black olives (chopped)
・1 tbsp. mayonnaise
・2 tsp. wasabi
・some pepper to taste
・some pink pepper
・6-8 pieces baguettes


1. Stir in Sanma-Ajitsuke, black olive, mayonnaise, and wasabi into a bowl and sprinkle some pepper to taste. Add salt if needed.
2. Put 1 onto pieces of baguette. Sprinkle parsley and pink pepper. Serve it.