DASHI AtoZ 08:
[Kombu Dashi] Health Benefits and Healthy Recipe

Writer: Yumiko Ishimaru

When you’re talking kombu, you’re talking mineral. Is it true??
Well, the nutrition of kombu is amazing.  Other than minerals, kombu has the following health benefits:
1.    Fatigue relief
2.    Prevention of osteoporosis
3.    Prevention of hypothyroidism
4.    Prevention of high blood pressure and thyroid dysfunction
5.    Rich dietary fiber
6.    Skin care
7.    Stress relief

As you can see, kombu is a super food that regulates your body’s healthy and beauty balance.

I would like to introduce to you a recipe for anti-oxidant potage soup using kombu dashi stock.  It is very good for people who have poor blood circulation.
Tomato and pumpkin potage soup

1.    Cut tomato, pumpkin, carrot and onion in chunks.  Put them and kombu dashi in a pot.  Simmer until they soften.
2.    Add salt and blend in a blender until smooth.

Add milk or soy-milk into the vegetable puree.  Enjoy the soup cold or warm.  You can store this puree for about a week in a refrigerator.