DASHI AtoZ 13:
[Bonito Dashi] Health Benefits and Healthy Recipe

Writer: Yumiko Ishimaru

Nutrition of katsuobushi

The distinct umami flavor of katsuobushi comes from its “inosinic acid” content. The high energy produced by the inosinic acid activates body cells.

Isn’t it great that if you eat katsuobushi, you can enjoy umami flavor, and it also helps you stay young?

Katsuobushi is also really rich in amino acids that the human body cannot produce. It has low fat content, and it is helpful with fatigue relief and high blood pressure. It is also crucial for how in the production of strong teeth and bones. Yes, it is another super food.

Let me introduce you to my ultimate katsuo dashi dish recipe:

Katsuodashi jelly with mini tomato and corn

1. Steep mini tomatoes in boiling water. Then skin or peel them. Boil corn and edamame.
2. Put katsuo dashi in a pot and heat. Season lightly with salt and usukuchi soy sauce. Add gelatin.
3. Pour mixture of dashi stock and gelatin into a cup and add mini tomatoes, corn, and edamame. Let cool in a refrigerator and serve.

It’s a colorful dish with a strong dashi flavor. Enjoy a beautiful life with katsuo dashi!