Detox Iced Green Tea in Nanno-no-Mikan Flavour

Green tea contains catechin which is said to be suitable for detox diet because of the virtue of keeping the bowels in good condition. It also can be made by using cold water to extract umami slowly and deeply. The Nanno-no-Mikan manufactured by Lake Louise Co.,ltd. is dried mandarin orange without any additive or seasoning such as sugar. So it gives natral sweetness and relaxing fraglance. Just make sure to use soft water (e.g.Crystal Geyser) , otherwise the umami of green tea may not be extracted well.

Detox Iced Green Tea in Nanno-no-Mikan flavour_©Cupido




・15 g green tea leaves
・500 ml soft water e.g. Crystal Geyser
・5 pieces Nanno-no-Mikan (dried mandarin orange by Lake Louise Co.,ltd.)



1. Put green tea leaves and Nanno-no-Mikan, then pour soft water. Put it in a fridge and wait for around 6 hours.
2. Use tea strainer and serve it.