Easy, Healthy, Tasty! Delightful Dips from Japan


If you are busy for work or housework, if you anxious about lucking intake of vegetables, if you need to lose weight, or if you need to make party dishes, what are you going to make? The answer is here. It is a “dip”. I organized these recipes which are easy to make and are able to keep in a fridge for a couple of days. Of course they are healthy and most importantly tasty. You can even make very opulent dips for parties with colourful vegetables, crackers, and bread. Mainly, I use Japanese signature ingredients such as tofu, miso and wasabi. When making a healthy dip, it is necessary to use a creamy ingredient which gives a body to the mixture. In here, tofu and miso play the quite important role on it. Especially tofu is really good friend with other ingredients. Also, wasabi gives the accent flavour. I recommend you to keep miso and tofu in your fridge, so you can make delightful dips anytime.