Edamame Vichyssoise

Edamame Vichyssoise_©Cupido

Recipe by Keiko Onodera



・50 g leek or onion (sliced)
・200 g edamame (unshelled and boiled)
・some olive oil
・500 ml chicken stock
・150 ml soy milk or milk
・30 ml cream
・some salt
・some extra virgin olive oil


1. Cook leek in a sauce pan with cooking oil at medium heat until soften. No need to get brown color.
2. Add edamame and chicken stock. When it boiled and cooked, put mixture into a blender to paste.
3. Put mixture into bowl and mix soy milk and cream using whisk. Put salt to taste. When it becomes smooth, chill it down in a fridge.
4. Put soup into cup and sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil for flavour.