Eiheiji Goma Dofu, Fukui prefecture


When you go travel to Fukui prefecture, Eiheiji temple is worth visiting, where you can experience the spirit of Zen. As the buddhist monks were eating vegetarian dishes due to their dietry restrictions, tofu was a vital source of protein. Goma dofu is a kind of tofu which contains kneaded sesame (Goma means sesame in Japanese). Though goma dofu is a common food across Japan, the one produced in Eiheiji area is famous as its own excellent taste made by high-quality sesame and Yoshino kuzu (Kuzu refers to the starch made from arrowroot). “GOMA DOFU” of Eiheiji is served with creamy miso sauce that is a bit sweet. It goes well with goma dofu and so tasty. Give it a try!

In Eiheiji area, there are some restaurants that serve Shojin-ryori.


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