Dekopon is a variety of citrus fruit (specifically, a mandarin) that is made from a combination of two other varieties of citrus fruits, Kiyomi oranges and Ponkan mandarins. Even among other Shiranuhi (the type of mandarin that Dekopon belong to), Dekopon is a registered trademark fruit that can only be shipped from Japan, that claims high quality standards, such as a 13-degree sugar content.

1.The Features of  Dekopon in Japan

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Dekopon are characterized by the tip of the mandarin, which bulges out. The color is dark orange, the peel is thing and soft, which makes it easy to peel. There are also no seeds, which makes it easy to eat. Compared to Satsuma mandarins, Dekopon have more fruit inside and there pulp contains a lot of fruit juice, making the fruit quite juicy. It is sweet and very tasty, because it has low acidity and a high sugar content.

2. The Best Season and Production Areas

The season for this fruit is from February to April. The birthplace for Dekopon is the town of Shiranuhi, in Kumamoto Prefecture. There are many producers in Kumamoto Prefecture, followed by Ehime Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture.


The birthplace for Dekopon

3. How to eat Japanese Dekopon in Japan

Since the fruit is very juicy, it is common to eat it as is, or turn it into juice and drink it. However, it is also delicious to enjoy as a jam or compote. Other delicious ways to enjoy this fruit are cutting it up into large pieces and adding yogurt or dressing to it and mixing it into a salad, or using it as a marinade for chicken or other meat.


4. Event Related to Japanese Dekopon

There are some events related to Japanese Dekopon in production areas.

“ Dekopon Festival”(JA Kumamoto Family Association )