Fuji Apple_fruits_autumn

Tree of Fuji Apple

Fuji apples, originating in Japan, are one of the most widely produced varieties apples in the world. There are two types of fuji apples; “Fuji”, which is cultivated by covering with bags until harvesting to create a preservation period from pests and other insects, and “Sun Fuji” which are grown without bagging. This condenses the sweetness of the apple.

1. The Feature of Japanese Fuji Apple

Among the varieties of apples, the Fuji apple is the most popular in Japan. It is large and fragrant, and there is a great balance between the sweetness and sourness of the fruit. With its very crisp texture, abundance of juice, and a clear and dense sweetness, it is very popular. The quality of Fuji apples has been improving steadily over the years, and not only the kind people give as gifts, but also the quality of regular Fuji apples you can find lined up in the supermarket are also improving. Contrasting to the price, the high quality of these apples can be seen at first glance all over the world.

2. The Best Season and Production Areas

Aomori Prefecture accounts for more than half of the total production of Fuji apples, followed by Nagano Prefecture. They are distributed throughout the year, but the best season for the apples if from November to May.

3. How to eat Japanese Fuji apples in Japan

It is common to eat Fuji apples as they are, but if you want to take full advantage of the dense nature of the apples, you can also eat them as 100% fruit juice, add some sugar and make jam, apple pie or cake, and also boiled apples and other desserts. Raw Fuji apples can be made into salad toppings. Simply grated apples cooked with curry makes the taste more complex and delicious, and when mixed with steak sauce the apples add sweetness which makes it become even tastier. Also, at festivals, “apple candy”, which is an apple that is put on a wooden stick and coated in a layer of candy, has become a tradition.

Fuji Apple_fruits_autumn

Fuji Apple

Apple Pie_apple_Fuji Apple_autumn_dessert

Apple Pie

Apple Juice_apple_juice_fruits

Apple Juice

Apple Candy_apple_candy_Ringo Ame

Apple Candy

4. Event Related to Japanese Fuji Apples

There are some events related to Japanese Fuji Apples in production areas.

・“ Fujisaki Fall Festival”(Fujisaki Town Tourist Information )

・“Fuji Apple Festival ”(Izuna-machi Tourist Association)