1. Feature of Japanese Strawberry

Japanese strawberries are more reddish and glossier than those from other countries, and have a juicy sweet taste.

Thanks to improvements by producers, it has become respected in quality from overseas, and is very popular as the high quality for the price.

2. The Season and Production Area

The main production areas of strawberry are Tochigi, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Nagasaki. It is in season from January to April.

3.  How to Eat Strawberry in Japan.

We usually eat fresh strawberries. Some eat them with milk or sugar. For Western confectionery, they are made into puree, mousse, or jelly and also used as decorations for cakes. Besides, they are also very popular as Japanese confectionary and used for various confectionary such as ichigo-dorayaki (two small pancakes with bean jam and strawberries in between), ichigo-daifuku (soft rice cake stuffed with bean jam and a strawberry), ichigo-milk-shiratama (crushed strawberries and rice flour dumplings in milk), ichigo-iri-youkan (sweet beans jelly with strawberries), ichigi-warabimochi (bracken-starch dumpling with strawberries), parfait with matcha, strawberries, and red bean jam and so on.

Strawberry_condensed milk

Strawberry pouring condensed milk (It is not milk)




parfait with matcha, strawberries, and red bean jam and so on

4. Events Related to Strawberry

There are some festivals related to strawberry in production areas.


“Strawberry and Milk Fair” by Tourist Bureau in Nasushiobara city in Tochigi prefecture

“Amaou-Strawberry Festival” by Agricultural, Forest and Fishery Products Branding Promotion Council in Fukuoka

Also, we can enjoy strawberry picking readily in season at strawberry farmers. At a plastic greenhouse, people can pick up strawberries and enjoy eating on the spot. It is very popular from children to adults as events in spring.


strawberry field

strawberry_strawberry picking

strawberry picking