Cut Fig

In ancient times, fig was imported and used for medicine. As increasing the amount of production, people came to eat it. It is currently cultivated a lot in Japan. Matured fig is picked from trees and peeled to eat. The red part inside is actually flowers. Thanks to the red part, you can enjoy the unique texture.

1. The Feature of Japanese Fig

Most kinds of fig cultivated in Japan are “Masui Dauphine”. The white flesh with red meat inside has refreshing and gentle sweet taste while “Toyomitsuhime” produced in Fukuoka has much sweetness and creamy texture. As fig is very nutritious, it is recommended to eat in various ways.



A Fig Tree

2. The Best Season and Production Areas

As fig comes to be in season between August and October, it is harvested a lot. The main production areas are Aichi and Wakayama prefecture.

3. How to eat Fig in Japan.

It is good to eat itself, however, it is made into jam or comport, and topped on tart, cake, and bread. Japanese confectionery with fig is also vary popular. A soft round rice cake stuffed with fresh fig “ichijiku daifuku”, Japanese wafers of bean jam with fig “ichijiku monaka”, and sweet beans jelly with fig “ichijiku youkan” are also recommended.

Dried fig enjoys popularity for nibbles accompanied with alcohol. Besides, it is simmered with wine, pureed for sorbet and jelly, and is also used as sauce for savory dishes. In addition, fig tempura and an appetizer with fig are also popular.


Fig Pie


Fig with Prosciutto

fig _cheese_bread_fruits

Fig and Cheese Bread

4. Event Related to Fig.


There are various events held in production areas.

(“Kurume Bureau of Tourism and International Exchange” Fig Harvest at Tanushimaru)