Kiwi fruit, which gets its name from the national bird of New Zealand, the Kiwi, are also being grown in Japan as a crop rotation (producing different kinds of crops on the same agricultural land as other crops) for other fruit such as satsuma mandarin oranges. Using this method to grow the crops more easily, kiwi is now able to be grown in Japan too. The fruit is shaped like an ellipse, with a brown skin on the outside, green fruit on the inside, with a white center that has many small black seeds in it. The taste is sweet, but tangy. Nutrition is tightly packed in this small fruit, with its high nutrient rate it is in the top class among all the fruits.

1.The Features of  Kiwi in Japan

Kiwi fruits_fruits


The flesh of the fruit is green and a variety called Hayward is common among domestic kiwi in Japan. Other types of kiwi are “golden kiwi” (the flesh is yellow with a stronger sweetness and less of a sour taste), “baby kiwi” (the fruit is small, only about 2-3 cm in diameter, and can be eaten whole, skin included), and others are also made. In pursuit of a beautiful appearance and high sugar content, various kinds of kiwi are developed in Japan. The production period is strongly focused so that Japanese kiwi can be sold during the period that kiwi from New Zealand are not as easy to find.

2. The Best Season and Production Areas

Regions with high production rates of kiwi are Ehime Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Wakayama Prefecture. These three prefectures account for half of the total crop yield in Japan. The season for Japanese kiwi is from October to December.

3. How to eat Japanese Kiwi in Japan

There most common way to eat a kiwi is to peel it, cut it, and eat it. You put a kitchen knife in the middle and halve the kiwi after peeling it, take the seeds out using a spoon, and eat it. If you eat it chilled, it will taste even better.  It can also be mixed with yogurt or as a topping for dessert. It is also cooked with sugar and then made into jam. It may also be eaten pureed, as sherbet or sauce, as well as in desserts, salads, fish dishes, and meat dishes. There is also a Japanese sweet called “Kiwi Daifuku” with kiwi in the middle.

Kiwi Yogurt_Kiwi_yogurt_fruits

Kiwi Yogurt


Kiwi Jam_kiwi_jam_fruits

Kiwi Jam

Kiwi Parfait_kiwi_paefait_fruits

Kiwi Parfait

4. Event Related to Japanese Kiwi

There are some events related to Japanese Kiwi in production areas.

“ Fujikawa Kiwi Marathon”(Fuji City Citizen Division)

“Horado Kiwi Marathon ”(Horado Kiwi Marathon Executive  Committee)