Lemons have an oblong shape (like an oval), and ripe lemons are yellow. Lemons are packed with Vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help you recover from fatigue, prevent colds, and they also have a great effect on your skin. Their refreshing scent also has an outstanding relaxing effect.

1.The Features of  Lemon in Japan



Japanese lemons have a very strong fragrance, which is especially concentrated in the skin of the lemon. Among Japanese lemons, the kind of lemon that is grown with the least amount of pesticide is very popular.

They are harvested in a greenhouse throughout the year, so they can be enjoyed all-year-round. Japanese lemons are extremely juicy, moderately sour, and have a refreshing fruit smell.

2. The Best Season and Production Areas

More than half of Japanese lemons are grown in Hiroshima Prefecture, followed by Ehime Prefecture, which also cultivates many lemons. They are distributed throughout the year, but the main season for lemons is from October to March.

3. How to eat Japanese Lemon in Japan

If the inside of the lemon is squeezed, juice or alcohol can be made. Lemons that have been sliced and diced are also served in black tea. The fruit can be used for jelly, cakes, and pies. In cooking, it can be a great accompaniment for fried foods and baked fish. Squeezing a lemon over a dish gives it a refreshing flavor. You can even drizzle lemon juice on top of fish carpaccio and other dishes to make them tastier.



Lemon_Lemon water_fruits

Lemon water

Tea with lemon_tea_Lemon_Fruits

Tea with lemon



A Grilled fish_saury_Lemon

A Grilled fish (saury) with lemon

“Salty Lemon” is made by immersing a lemon in salt and aging it. This is used for lots of meat dishes and hot pots. It is a seasoning that adds depth to the smell of fresh lemon, and also adds a deeper flavor, which can bring depth to the taste of the dishes it is added to.

Salty lemon_salt_lemon

Salty lemon

Lemon Nabe (Lemon Hot Pot) is a soup that has vegetables and meat or fish and topped with lemon slices. It is a winter classic in Japan. The refreshing lemon flavor and fragrance blend into the condensed soup, creating a nice umami which can be enjoyed refreshingly.

Lemon_Lemon nabe_japanese nabe_Lemon Hot Pot

Lemon Nabe(Lemon Hot Pot)

4. Event Related to Japanese Lemon

There are some events related to Japanese Lemon in production areas.

“ The 2nd Setoda Lemon Festival”(Onomichi Tourism Association )