nashi_japanese pear_fruits


Flowers bloom in spring, and fruit comes in summer in pear trees. There are Western and Japanese pear and pears and Japanese one is a sphere. Most part of the pear consists of water and you can enjoy the sweet and sour tastes with a crunchy texture. Chilled pear is quite delicious during hot season, as it comes into season in summer.

1. The Feature of Japanese Pear

Japanese pear (Wanashi) has two varieties, Aka-nashi (red pear) with skin of a yellowish-brown color and Ao-nashi (blue pear) with that of pale yellow-green.
It is known that Japanese pear has been cultivated from ancient times and people have enjoyed it. Now it has improved by bleeding and there are many kinds.
I heard the news that export of Japanese pear to Vietnam has been started the other day. It is also popular among foreign countries.

nashi_japanese pear_fruits


2. The Best Season and Production Areas

The main production areas are Chiba and Ibaraki prefecture. It comes into season between August and October.

3. How to eat Japanese Pear in Japan.

Japanese pear is usually peeled and eaten raw. In addition, that of comport, jelly ice-cream, sorbet, and juice can be enjoyed.
Nashi-youkan (sweet jellied Japanese pear paste) (Japan Travel and Tourism Association), nashi-dorayaki (Japanese pear pancake), and nashi wine (Inagi City Society of Commerce and Industry )can be also enjoyed. Moreover, there are some interesting ways to eat such as a salad with sliced pear or topping of chilled noodles. They are all refreshing with the tastes and texture.

4. Event Related to Japanese pear.

There are some events related to Japanese pear in production areas.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department of Ibaraki Prefecture“ Eat Ibaraki”

Rifu Travel and Tourism association“Rifu Nashi Festival”