Ourin are a type of green apple, which is one of the types of apples you can often eat in Japan.

1.The Features of  Ourin  in Japan

Ourin are a little long and oval-shaped. The peel is spotted with green and also has a yellow-green color. The more yellow the apple, the sweeter it is. The taste of the fruit has a strong sweetness and not much sourness, and has the scent of a sweet apple. Ourin have a crisp, light texture and contain an abundance of fruit juice. If an ourin has an even color which is yellow, it is said that it has a more delicious taste. Ourin also have an excellent shelf life, and are distributed from autumn until the early summer of the following year.

2. The Best Season and Production Areas

The area with high production of Ourin is Aomori Prefecture. The season for the apples last from November to around February.

3. How to eat Japanese  Ourin in Japan

As with red apples, it is very popular to cut up Ourin along with the delicious and nutritious skin into salads, apple pies, apple jam, compote, etc. Ourin can also be squeezed into juice, or put into a blender and used to make a smoothie along with vegetables.