Cut Watermelon

Watermelon is a sphere or ellipsoid body with green and black stripes. When cut, there are black seeds in the red pulp. Normally the red pulp is eaten.

1. The Feature of Japanese Watermelon

As watermelon mostly consists of water, it can be cool a body down in hot summer. It also has diuretic and recovering fatigue effects suitable for avoiding suffering from summer heat.Watermelons are produces in Japan including seedless or various shaped ones such as small, quadrangle, or heart-shaped for gifts.

2. The  Best Season and Production Area

Watermelon starts to be in the market from April and the best time is from July to September. Kumamoto, Chiba, and Yamagata prefecture is larger in production.

3. How to eat Watermelon in Japan.

Watermelon is a Japanese summer tradition. It is chilled in a fridge at home and in the river outdoors. Japanese people like to eat it with a pinch of salt because it enhances its sweetness and flavor. Normally the red pulp is eaten, however, the skin is also eaten as pickles or a simmered dish. In addition, it is also good for frozen pulp with a wooden bar, juice, sorbet, and jelly.




Frozen Watermelon

4. Event Related to Watermelon.

“Suika wari” is very traditional Japanese playing that involves splitting a watermelon on the ground with a stick while blindfolded relying on surrounding guides. It is a fun play to eat watermelons after being splitted by everyone.

Suika wari_Watermelon_Fruits

Suika Wari

There are events related to watermelon in producton areas.

Chiba Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association “Tomisato Watermelon Festival”

Tomisato-city “Tomisato Watermelon Road Race”