“Genghis Khan”- BBQ but it’s not a Beef but a Lamb Barbeque

While Genghis Khan is the name of emperor of Mongol Empire, it is also popular as a name of dish, lamb barbeque in Japan. As for BBQ, Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ beef) is the most popular across Japan, but in Hokkaido, Genghis Khan is well eaten as a local dish since lamb is produced there. The recipe is to grill mutton or lamb and vegetables such as moyashi (sprout), sliced onion, green pepper. The fresh lamb meet are very soft and go well with soy sauce-based taste.


There are two type of eating: One is that the meat is marinated in the special sauce with soy-sauce, apple, ginger and etc… Most of the restaurants have their own special recipe of the sauce.  Another type is dipping the meat in the sauce after grilled.

Do you know a “Genghis Khan” Griddle? This is a unique pan for “Genghis Khan” which looks like a dome shape. Genghis_Khan3

Meats are grilled on top part, and vegetables are grilled on the lower part so that vegetables absorb the delicious sauce.


Where to eat:

There are many restaurants which serve Genghis Khan in Hokkaido, especially in Sapporo (the central Hokkaido). You can also find Genghis Khan restaurants in Tokyo or other major cities in Japan. Search “Genghis Khan” or “ジンギスカン” in gourmet  site such as Yelp. Again, please remember that there are two types of meat: marinated in the sauce before grilled and dipping in the sauce after grilled. It depends on the restaurant choices. Enjoy!


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