【Gluten Free: Bemen × Tororo】
Cold Tororo Bemen

Tororo means grated yam and is very popular topping on Udon noodle or Donburi and so on.  I recommend this simple recipe to taste Bemen for the first time because Tororo has mild umami and brings out the natural flavour of Bemen. Normally soy sauce use wheat flour, however, the Bemen tsuyu broth contains special soy sauce without gluten. Garnishing with Wasabi is a perfect idea!     Cold Tororo Bemen_©Cupido SERVINGS:1


・120 g Bemen (Lake Louise Co.,ltd.)
・80 g Yam (grated)
・1 egg yolk
・some sesame seed
・some chives or spring onions(chopped)
・some komeko tenkasu (bits of deep-fried rice flour dough)
・1 packet tsuyu broth attached to Bemen
・90 ml water


1. Bring the water to a boil in a large pot and boil Bemen for 10 minutes. No necessary to put salt to the water.
2. Once cooked, wash the Bemen with running water to chill and drain it.
3. Serve Bemen with yam, egg yolk, sesame, chives, tenkasu and tsuyu.