【Gluten Free:Black Beans × Japanese Rice】Black Beans and Sesame Garlic Rice

“Mame-Gohan (rice with green peas cooked in dashi stock)” is a seasonal Japanese dish that can make tasty with fresh green peas harvested only in spring. I made this recipe with dried black beans because of its nice flavour even if dried. It goes well with any meat, fish, or stewed dish.

Black Beans and Sesame Garlic Rice©Cupido



・200 ml Japanese rice
・1/4 onion(chopped)
・1 tbsp. olive oil
・1 clove garlic(chopped)
・220 ml chicken stock
・3 g salt
・50 g dried black beans
・1 tbsp. white sesame
・1 bay leaf


1. To cook black beans, soak it in enough water for 8 hours, then simmer for about 20 minutes. Make sure to skim off the scum properly. Then drain it.
2. Stir-fry onions and garlic, then add rice to cook until translucent. Add chicken stock, salt, and bay leaf. Once it boils, cover and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat an leave it for 5 minutes to steam rice.
3. Add black beans and white sesame into 2, then cut in rice from the bottom of the pot and stir. Serve it immediately.