【Gluten Free:Buckwheat Flour × French Galette】Shimeji Mushroom Galette

This is the famous French galette of Bretagne, however, I use Japanese shimeji mushrooms for garnish. Shimeji is totally different flavour from button mushroom. When sautéed completely until golden brown, the umami flavour is thickened. This is the perfect taste with buckwheat and cheese flavour, dressed with egg sauce.

Shimeji Mushroom Galette_©Cupido

SERVINGS:5~6 pieces


<Crepe batter>
・150 g buckwheat flour
・2.5 g salt
・200 ml milk
・100 ml water
・20 g browned butter
・1 egg

・some cooking oil
・some shimeji mushrooms (sauteed)
・salt and pepper to taste
・some Emmental cheese


1. To make Crepe batter, put buckwheat flour and salt in a bowl. Stir in egg, milk, and water with whisk not to make lump. Separately, heat up butter in a pan until browned. Remove from the heat and stir in the batter. Rest for 6 hours in a fridge.
2. Sauté shimeji mushrooms until browned and seasoned.
3. Spread cooking oil into a frying pan with a piece of kitchen paper and put over medium heat. Then, spread the crepe batter onto the pan. Cook both sides.
4. Put first side down and crack an egg. Spread out the egg white and add the other ingredients. When the dough becomes crisp, fold up corners to form a square. Serve it immediately.