【Gluten-Free × Buckwheat Flour】 Buckwheat Flour Pancake

Soba (buckwheat) has been cultivated all over Japan for many years. So, soba noodles, eaten traditionally in Japan, in hot dashi-broth or with cold soy sauce dip are our signature food.

When baking a pastry using buckwheat flour, it doesn’t rise higher than wheat flour one. So I created the pancake recipe using meringue. Enjoy the amazing fluffy pancake.

Buckwheat Flour Pancake1_©Cupido




・2 egg white
・1 pinch of salt
・13 g sugar

・2 egg yolk
・13 g sugar
・80 ml milk
・100 g buckwheat flour
・4 g bicarbonate of soda



To make meringue. Put egg white in a clean large bowl with one pinch of salt. Mix well, using an electric whisk or beaters. Of course, you can do it by hand like me if you are full of energy. *Add sugar in three times and mix until it is foamy with soft peak. Set aside.

*In this stage of the photo below, start adding sugar.

Buckwheat Flour Pancake2_©Cupido


Buckwheat Flour Pancake3_©Cupido


2. Put egg yolk and sugar into another bowl and whisk until well smooth and turns pale. Stir in milk, shifted buckwheat flour and bicarbonate of soda.

Buckwheat Flour Pancake4_©Cupido
3. Add the meringue into the 2 in three additions and mix gently using spatula.

Buckwheat Flour Pancake5_©Cupido

Buckwheat Flour Pancake6_©Cupido
4. Spread oil in a frying pan and bake the batter on both sides at low heat. Garnish with honey or maple syrup if you like.

Buckwheat Flour Pancake8_©Cupido