【Gluten-Free × Rice Flour】
Rice Flour Bread

Rice flour doesn’t contain gluten which is in wheat flour, and rice flour bread doesn’t rise higher than wheat flour bread. Therefore, some rice flour mixture for bread, which some gluten added to make bread making easy without fail, can be found on the market in Japan. However, I don’t think you may get that kind of mixture in your country.

In here, I created 100% of pure rice flour bread with simple process and ingredients. You don’t need to knead by hands with effort. One thing you need to care is the amount of water. You can adjust it depending on the moisture of the season in your country. Otherwise the dough doesn’t rise or rise too much. The texture of the rice flour bread is like pumpernickel in Germany but the taste is totally different. Enjoy the moist texture and natural sweetness of rice flour.

Rice Flour Bread1_©Cupido

SERVES:  17.5×8×5 cm of Loaf Tin



・250 g rice flour
・3 g salt
・15 g sugar
・6 g instant dry yeast
・255 ml lukewarm water, depending on the humidity of your country or the season
・10 g extra virgin olive oil



1. Sift the rice flour, salt and sugar into a bowl and add instant dry yeast. Pour lukewarm water and oil. Mix it well with a whisk.

Rice Flour Bread2_©Cupido

Rice Flour Bread3_©Cupido


2. Pour the dough into a loaf tin and ferment it at 35°C for 50-60 minutes to 1.5 times in volume. Adjust the fermenting time not to raise excessively. Otherwise, it deflates after baking.

Rice Flour Bread4_©Cupido

Rice Flour Bread6_©Cupido


3. Bake in a oven at 200°C for 25 minutes. Remove from the tin and wait until the excess heat being removed.