【Gluten-Free × Rice Flour】 Rice Flour Scone with Sake-Kasu (Sake Lees)

Have you ever eaten a dish or a pastry using sake-kasu (sake lees) ? Sake-kasu is the lees left over from sake production. They can be used as a pickling agent, the main ingredient of ama-zake, a cooking paste to add flavour to food, and also as a marinade. In here, I put it into scones for flavour. Sake-kasu has strong flavour itself, so I made this recipe with modest amount of them. Of course, you can put more sake-kasu if you like it!Rice Flour Scone with Sake-Kasu_1_©Cupido

SERVES: 8 Pieces


・250 g rice flour
・30 g brown sugar
・13 g bicarbonate of soda
・2 pinch of salt
・60 g butter
・20 g sake-kasu (sake lees)
・1 (50 g) egg
・120-130 ml milk *170 g of mixed egg and milk on total, need to adjust the amount depending on the moisture of sake lees

<Egg wash>
・1/2 egg yolk
・1/2 tsp water



1. Cut the butter into cube and chill it. Sift the rice flour, sugar and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl, add the butter and sake lees using a spatula. Then rub to mix by hand using finger tips. Need to rush, or butter melted.

Rice Flour Scone with Sake-Kasu_2_©Cupido


2. Add milk, egg, into the 1 and mix. Take it out to the pastry board and roll out to 3 cm-thick. Then, cut out dough with a circle or cut with a knife. Divided it into 8 pieces and put onto a baking tray.

Rice Flour Scone with Sake-Kasu_3_©Cupido

Rice Flour Scone with Sake-Kasu_4_©Cupido

Rice Flour Scone with Sake-Kasu_5_©Cupido

3. Mix egg yolk and water to make egg wash, spread it on the surface of scone. Bake it for 17 minutes at 200 °C. Serve it.