【Gluten-Free × Rice Flour】
Rice Flour Scone with Yuzu-Citrus

Yuzu is in season between autumn and winter. It has unique refreshing fragrance which lemon or lime doesn’t have. The zest has been used traditionally as a favour for Japanese cuisine or pastry for many years. In here, I put it into scones and it goes well with the gentle sweetness of rice flour. If you can’t get fresh yuzu, you can try with yuzu jam. The process of icing may require another work, however, you can enjoy yuzu flavour to your heart’s content!

Rice Flour Scone with Yuzu-Citrus1_©Cupido

SERVES: 8 Pieces



・250 g rice flour
・30 g sugar
・13 g bicarbonate of soda
・1 pinch of salt
・60 g butter
・1 yuzu-citrus (100 g sized) zest, grated
・1 (50 g) egg
・120ml milk *170 g of mixed egg and milk on total

<Yuzu icing>
・40 g icing sugar
・10 g yuzu juice

Rice Flour Scone with Yuzu-Citrus2_©Cupido




1. Cut the butter into cube and chill it. Sift the rice flour, sugar and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl, add the butter and yuzu zest using a spatula. Then rub to mix by hand using finger tips. Need to rush, or butter melts.

Rice Flour Scone with Yuzu-Citrus3_©Cupido


2. Add milk, egg, into the 1 and mix. Take it out to the pastry board and cut out dough with a circle or cut with a knife. Divided it into 8 pieces and put onto a baking tray.

Rice Flour Scone with Yuzu-Citrus4_©Cupido

3. Bake it for 16 minutes at 200 °C.


4. Meanwhile, to make yuzu-icing, put icing sugar and yuzu juice into a small bowl over hot water bath. Mix them until melt, adjust the consistency with the yuzu juice if needed.

Rice Flour Scone with Yuzu-Citrus5_©Cupido

5. Sprinkle the yuzu icing over baked scones. Serve it.