Green Tea Health Benefits

In Japan, we drink green tea . The question is: Is green tea good for you?  Yes, green tea has various health benefits :


Green tea leaves (Sayama City, Saitama, Japan)


Health Benefits of Green Tea

1. Antibacterial/ Antivirus Effect

Catechins are bitter elements that have an antibacterial and antivirus effect.

Gargling with green tea prevents you from getting a cold and the flu as well as food poisoning. 40% of cases of food poisoning are caused by vibrio parahaemolyticus, and it is proven that it can be killed by soaking it in green tea. Thus, drinking green tea after a meal helps prevent you from getting food poisoning. Catechins work as effective as an anti-allergenic drug on some allergies like hay fever. Moreover, Catechins helps reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which lowers the risk of high blood pressure, hardening arteries, stroke and diabetes. Furthermore, Catechins suppress carcinogenic substances, which helps prevent you from getting cancer. People who live in tea producing areas and drink it regularly have a lower possibility of developing cancer. Green tea is a high potential drink that prevents many types of diseases.


2. Beauty

Green tea is great for your skin. It contains catechins and vitamin C which protect your skin from UV light. It also has whitening effects on your skin, not only by drinking green tea but also by washing your face with water soaked with tea leaves. Catechins have an antioxidant effect that penetrates the tissue of the eyes. Putting a cotton that is soaked in cold green tea as an eye mask helps remove swelling and tiredness from the eyes.


3. Relaxation

Theanine is an umami component in green tea that protects nerve cells. Having green tea is expected to be good for relaxation and anti-depression as theanine lessens the autonomic nerve reaction to stress.


4. Deodorant effect

Chlorophyll in green tea has deodorant effect. Placing the dried and used tea leaves in shoe storages or wardrobes helps get rid of bad smells. You can also place them on the floor before you vacuum, and they remove bad smells and also kill the bacteria on the floor.

Green tea has so many benefits for health, beauty and more! Surely green tea will make your life better!