Green Tea Weight Loss? Do Green Tea Weight Loss Diets Work?

One of the benefits of green tea is that it reduces fat intake. For example, drinking before exercise is effective in burning fat. Green tea can help you lose fat, especially harmful abdominal fat. Green tea before a meal reduces the absorption of lipids and glucose in the meal. It contributes to controlling appetite too.

Green tea also contains a wide range of anti-inflammatory characteristics. With its bactericidal activity, green tea is effective in oral hygiene maintenance.


You can drink green tea without concern about calories. Green tea interferes with the body’s absorption of carbohydrates consumed in the meal.

The catechin included in the green tea is well known as an ingredient that assists dieting. It has been shown in many studies that the catechin component fights bacteria and lowers cholesterol.

Besides, it is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals. Particularly, the amount of vitamin C in green tea is comparable to that of a lemon.

What’s the best way to brew a cup of green tea to get the benefits for weight control?  Hot green tea speeds up the metabolism and thereby steps up the calorie burn.