【Green Tea × Pastry】Green Tea French Toast

There are many recipes to use black tea leaves themselves into pastries, but I’ve hardly found those with green tea leaves. Why? The aroma of green tea leaves is so sensitive and it is difficult to deal with when making baked pastry. However, when using in a right way, it provide sensitive, elegant, graceful, but unfaltering aroma. It is like the expression of Japanese women, “Yamato-Nadeshiko”!

Green Tea French Toast_©Cupido



・6 piece baguette
・some maple syrup
・1 tbsp. butter

<Appareil of Green Tea French Toast>
・50 ml cream
・100 ml milk
・1-2 tbsp. green tea leaves (by Hoshino-seichaen Co., Ltd.)
・1 tsp. matcha (by Hoshino-seichaen Co., Ltd.)
・1 pinch of salt

・Maple syrup


1. To make the Appareil of Green Tea French Toast, mix everything and put into a container. Then add baguette. Rest it for around 6 hours in a fridge.
2. Pan-fry the baguette with butter over the low heat on both sides. Serve it with maple syrup if you like.