Haccho-Miso Dip

Haccho-Miso is a kind of miso looks dark-brown colour. It is made of only soy beans and process is different from normal brown miso. You can use Haccho-miso sauce to grilled vegetables, deep-fried pork and pan-fried meat etc.

Haccho-Miso Dip 1_©Cupido




・ 30 g Haccho miso (dark-brown miso)
・ 20 ml mirin (sweet sake)
・ 30 g sugar
・ 10 g honey
・ 1 tbsp. soy sauce
・ 1 tsp. sesame oil

<garnished with>
・ summer rolls


1. Mix all the ingredient well.
2. Serve with summer rolls.

Haccho-Miso Dip 2_©Cupido