【Haccho-miso × Red wine × Chicken】
Miso Coq au Vin

Haccho-miso is made in Aichi pref, located in the middle of Japan (Nagoya is a city in Aichi), with soy beans while normal brown miso is made from rice and soy beans. The normal miso lose its flavour if overheated. However Haccho-miso keeps the nice flavour even if stewed. It is perfect for stewed dish as same as local food of Aichi.





・ 16 chicken legs (with bones)
・ 2 cloves garlics (crushed)
・ 1 onion (1cm sliced)
・ 1 stalk celery (1cm sliced)
・ 1/2 carrot (1cm sliced)
・ some salt and pepper
・ some cooking oil
・ 700ml red wine
・ 200 ml chicken stock
・ bouquet garni
・ 3 tbsp Haccho-miso
・ 10 g butter
・ 10 g flour

・ potatoes (blanched)
・ mushrooms (sauteed)



1. Put chicken, carrot, celery, onion, garlic, and bouquet garni into a container and pour Haccho-miso and red wine. Marinate for 1 day. Drain and divide it into 3 part of liquid, chicken and vegetables.
2. Saute the seasoned chicken in a frying pan with some cooking oil until the skin is crispy. At the same time, saute the vegetables in a stew pan, add the chicken and the liquid. Skim the scum and simmer for about 40 minutes with a cover.
3. Strain 2 and divide it into sauce and chicken. No need to use vegetables. Heat and reduce the sauce until thicken, then add butter and salt and pepper. Pour sauce over the chicken and serve it with potatoes and mushrooms. Serve it.