Mackerel Ajillo

In case you don’t have a ajillo pan, no worries! You can use a small frying pan instead. If you want to add another ingredients such as potatoes or mushrooms, you can add them before saba and make sure they are cooked well.

Mackerel Ajillo_©Cupido



・1 can Saba Olive Oil (mackerel in olive oil by KESENNUMA HOTEI Co., Ltd.)
・80 ml extra virgin olive oil
・2 cloves garlic(sliced)
・1 chilli (deseeded)
・salt and pepper to taste

・some baguette


1. Put extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli into a ajillo pan over heat.
2. When the garlic turn slightly brown and fragrant, add “Saba olive oil” into it. You can flake fish a bit.
3. Once boiling, remove from the heat adjust the taste with some salt and pepper, then sprinkle parsley. Serve hot.