【Green Tea × Japanese Rice】Marinated-Tuna Cha-Zuke

Ochazuke, which is normally called like this in polite way, is a rice dish with tea poured on, and a signature national dish in Japan. Talking about the liquid of ochazuke, nowadays Dashi-chazuke with dashi stock in restaurants and the one of instant powder with hot water at home are getting popular. However it was originally made with tea.
Green tea contains lots of umami called glutamic acid and it causes synergistic effects with other umami from rice, meat, and fish and so on.
I’ll give you some tips of making green tea. The hot water should be moderate temperature for each tea leaf and also be poured just before serving. Otherwise you will make it very bitter and umami doesn’t come out. In addition, I recommend you to use soft water to extract wonderful aroma.
This ocha-zuke is quite simple, however, it has the very Japanese food culture in it. Enjoy!

Marinated-Tuna Cha-Zuke_©Cupido



・240 g Japanese rice (cooked)
・some wasabi (grated)
・2 pinches salt
・some green perilla (shredded) or chive (chopped)

<Zuke-Maguro (Marinated Tuna)>
・100 g Tuna(sliced)
・1 tbsp. soy sauce
・1 tbsp. mirin

<green tea>
・5 g (2 tsp.) green tea leaves (by Hoshino-seichaen Co., Ltd.)
・300 ml hot water (70~80℃) Note: soft water! e.g. Crystal Geyser


1. To make Zuke-maguro (Marinated tuna), stir in soy sauce and mirin into a container, then add tuna. Put cling film on the surface of the tuna. Marinate it for about 1 hour.
2. Cook the rice and set aside. Just before serving, put green tea leaves into a tea pot and pour hot water at 70-80℃. Wait for 1 minute until the aroma comes out.
3. Serve the tuna with green perilla and wasabi over the rice and pour the green tea.