Amazing Koji Mold World: 19
Marinating Boiled Eggs in Shio-Koji

Written and illustrated by Misa Ono

When you are invited to your friend’s home party, I guess you consider what you bring. If you are noticed one week earlier, I recommend you to make boiled eggs marinated in shio-koji. They look like just boiled egg, however they have amazing tastes such as cheese and mayonnaise. I’m sure your friends will be surprised.

Don’t worry, the cooking method is really easy. First of all, make soft or hard boiled eggs to the extent you like. Peel the boiled eggs and marinate them with shio-koji in a plastic bag and put it in a fridge for a week. That’s all. You may marinate them only one night, however I recommend you to wait for 7-10 days. Now they are a good appetizer when cut and dished up.


Boiled egg marinated in shio-koji has also good to use for other dishes. For example, marinate them for a week and crush with a fork, add olive oil and black pepper. It is good for a dip with crackers or for a sandwich! Also, you can make a salad with adding boiled beans, lightly salted cucumber and ham. It is quite useful for various dishes.
Whenever I go on a trip, I marinate the boiled egg in shio-koji to clean up my fridge before leaving. So, when I come back home, boiled eggs are ready to eat and I can make toasted sandwich with them easily and quickly. I don’t want to be bothered to cook when just arriving at home. Don’t you think so?

Once I tried to check how long it can be eaten, the result was the same as marinated tofu in shio-koji. In case of marinating 2-3 days, it hasn’t gained umami flavor yet. Also, it lost umami flavor after 2 weeks due to over ferment. 7-10 days marinating is the best flavor for me. The boiled eggs can be very useful to make any dishes, so I often use them as nibbles.