【Matcha × Calamari】 Cuttlefish with Matcha Sauce in Chinese Style

There is a popular Japanese delicacy called “Ika no Shiokara” which is marinated cuttlefish with its guts and season. The guts have moderate bitterness and  give richness and umami flavour into the dish. Thus, sweetness from cuttlefish and bitterness really go well. Matcha also has pleasant bitterness and makes the dish perfect!

Cuttlefish with Maccha Sauce in Chinese Style_©Cupido



・200 g cuttlefish
・salt to blanch the cuttlefish
・5 cm white leek (julienne)
・10 g red pepper (sliced)

<Matcha Sauce>
・1 tsp. matcha (by Hoshino-seichaen Co., Ltd.)
・1 tsp. water
・1 pinch of salt
・1 tsp. soy sauce
・2 tbsp. sesame oil


1. Julienne the white leek and red pepper, then put them in water for a while and drain it. Make a latticed cut on surface of the cuttlefish to make it easy to cook and coat its sauce well.
2. Blanch the cuttlefish in a salted water and then put it into iced water. Drain it.
3. To make matcha sauce, stir in matcha and some water to dissolve. Then add soy sauce and salt. Also add sesame oil gradually using whisk. Serve the cuttlefish with the sauce. Garnish with white leek and red pepper.