【Matcha × Chocolate】 Matcha Chocolate Fondue

Matcha and chocolate go well together, especially white chocolate. If you don’t have a fondue pan, no worries. You can use a heat-retaining pot. Adding cognac is the best idea to make the fondue perfect!!

Maccha Chocolate Fondue_©Cupido



・100 g white chocolate couverture
・40 ml cream
・20 ml milk
・2 tsp. matcha (by Hoshino-seichaen Co., Ltd.)

<garnish> anything you like


1. Melt the chocolate into a bowl in bain-marie. Shift matcha and add into the chocolate.
2. Heat the cream and milk in a pan and remove from the heat just before boiling.
3. Put 2 into 1 by 2-3 times to mix well. Serve in a Fondue pan or a heat-retaining pot with some fruits or biscuits you like.